Real estate in Dubai

Upgrade of turnkey apartments in Dubai


You are a happy owner of real estate in Dubai, but...
How to resell faster and more profitably similar apartments in the house?
After all, the developer is doing standard tasteless renovations...
There is a solution!
How it works?!
Buying an apartment
Let’s say an apartment, renovated from the developer, cost you 2,800,000 AED
Complete upgrade and furnishings
We draw up an agreement and, at our own expense, carry out designer renovations and turnkey furnishings.
In our experience, this costs an average of 150,000 AED (labor, materials, furniture, accessories).
We put it up for sale
We handle the sale and support of the transaction.
We add 20% to the cost of the object.
2,950,000 + 20% = 3,540,000 AED
Selling an object
Agency commission 2%
3,540,000 - 2% (~70,000) = 3,47,000
It turns out 3,470,000 - 2,950,000 = 520,000 AED
We split the profit 50/50
520,000 / 2 = 260,000 AED for several months
For comparison, the owner receives such a profit for 1.5-2 years of renting out an apartment.
We take care of all the worries related to the project implementation!

Assessing the liquidity of an object

If you already have an apartment in Dubai, we will predict its cost after a total improvement of the interior. Let's calculate the approximate benefit from the sale of a renovated property.
Full upgrade of the apartment at our expense
We will transform any apartment with a high-quality designer upgrade. We additionally furnish and decorate the space, significantly increasing the liquidity, price and demand for your property!

We are selling an apartment at 20% more expensive

The apartments will be very different from their competitors, since the apartments in the building from the developer are all exactly the same. Due to this, the property sells faster.

Repair and furnishing of apartments in Dubai of any complexity

We will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your apartment and choose the appropriate option for modernizing the space. Minimum costs with maximum benefits!
If you don’t have an apartment in the UAE, then we will help you choose the best option just for you!
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